Water Scarcity

Mobilising rural communities to secure fair and equal water resources.

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How it works

In each village, residents take on the responsibility for surveying existing groundwater retention structures, planning for further construction and gathering requisite funds. CORO facilitates the process of social change and the involvement of key stakeholders from the village and system.


women in management committees


Village land converted for groundwater retention


INR in government funding secured

What we do

The selected villages are empowered to secure fair and equal water resources for all by advocating for government schemes while keeping women’s and children’s rights to the fore.

With the support of our technical partner, ACWADAM, the land of each village is thoroughly surveyed to design a tailored groundwater management strategy. CORO’s also conducts socioeconomic surveys to inform our people-centric strategy.

In each village, a fund management committee (gramkosh) is initiated with equal numbers of men and women as active participants. This committee is responsible for managing the money for the rainwater harvesting initiative, having a dedicated bank account, and also being an inclusive, collective decision-making platform for the village’s endeavours to harvest rainwater.

Men, women, and youth in each of the villages volunteer their labour for one hour every day for the benefit of their communities. They dig ditches, construct check dams, and prepare fields for maximum rainwater harvesting.

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