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Advocating for free, clean, safe public urinals for women in Mumbai.

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How It Works

The Right To Pee (RTP) campaign was formed to advocate for free, clean, safe public urinals for women in Mumbai. As a united front of activists, Right to Pee is committed to both confronting the insensitive system and collaborating with government to bring about impactful change.


Community and public toilets surveyed


Toilet locations assessed in detail


INR budgeted for gender sanitation in Mumbai

What we do

Evidence-based advocacy forms the core of the Right To Pee movement. By mapping and analyzing public sanitation conditions, spreading awareness through traditional and new media, and taking advocacy to the policy level, we can effectively lobby the system for change.

Our grassroots team conduct detailed surveys and analysis of public sanitation facilities across Mumbai. By collecting solid data of the ground reality, we can demonstrate to government and system stakeholders the need for improved sanitation and gender sensitivity.

By leveraging mainstream and social media, Right To Pee can raise the profile of our movement. We have held press conferences in which our grassroots team has presented evidence on poor sanitation to prominent news outlets. We have used Facebook Live streams and Twitter chats to spread our message to broad audiences.

Right To Pee has filed Environmental Interest Litigation with other advocacy groups to demand that manufacturers of sanitary pads include a means of disposal with their products.

Whether it’s through community wall-paintings, petition signing campaigns, cultural performances, or public protest, Right To Pee uses a variety of strategies to raise the profile of our issues.

Our advocacy with the system has led to our inclusion on committees responsible to the planning of the city according to sanitation and gender needs. This has led to Right To Pee’s inclusion as a resource organisation for an added gender sensitisation module to the curriculum of Municipal Sanitation Officers.

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